Arrest reviews that addresses the County region are individually compiled by the Georgia Crime Examiner. These reviews are for regional media purposes only. PCSO Watch all 8 photographs Given below is the County arrest statement for Wednesday April 18, 2015. The document includes a total set of arrests, data regarding connection info previous arrests and prisoner images that are accessible. All info is attained from your Polk County Sheriff’s Workplace, unless specified otherwise. The following people priced and were busted together with the violations listed below. Click the embedded links within each list to look at the previous arrests document that is entire. Links to arrests just before 2009 won’t be integrated. Steve Gazerro, 47, of Rockmart was caught over a guarantee for disappointment to surface in court that was exceptional.

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Gazerro remains in custody at this publication’s time. View also (3/11/2013) Kimberly James of Cedartown was charged over a guarantee for probation violation. Henry remains at that time with this book in custody. See also (4/13/2014) John Franklin Hudgins, 43, of Cedartown was charged and incurred with false incarceration under the Family Violence Act (FVA) and easy battery (FVA). After submitting property bonds totaling 100, $5 Hudgins premiered on 4/20. See also (10/25/2014) Jada Lameka, 48, of Rockmart was arrested on a cause for inability. After paying $700 money, Lameka was launched precisely the same morning. Dale McWhorter of Cedartown was imprisoned on warrants for just two matters inability to appear. McWhorter remains at that time of the newsletter in custody.

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See also (9/20/2014) Joel Dale Sisson, 31, of Cedartown was imprisoned in Rome and incurred with DUI(booze), driving while permit stopped, available box infringement, third degree cruelty to children, battery and aggravated assault. View also (3/19/2014) Lynn Thorpe of Rome was charged and charged with shoplifting. See also (11/25/2014) Shannon Jermaine Washington, 32, of Cedartown was charged and charged with battery under the Family Violence Act (FVA). California was launched after publishing a 600 home bond. View also (12/9/2014) The charge accounts in this number don’t reveal the actual shame or innocence of persons or the patient shown. All parties are presumed innocent till they’re established not innocent in a court of regulation. Not every charge or cost leads to a sentence. A or an acquittal will soon be based on the court process.