Client was walking south in the parking lot of Wal-Mart at night when a semi-tractor trailer operated by Defendant struck client with the right front portion of his semi and drove over client’s right leg. Defendant gave a statement to the investigating officers that he felt a bump on his right steering wheel and thought he ran over snow and never saw client prior to striking him but did observe him in his outside mirror after striking him. Client underwent numerous surgeries with prolonged hospital stay to repair his severely crushed leg. Defendants alleged that client was intoxicated at the time he was struck, that the semi-tractor was moving slowly and the client simply walked into the path of the semi-tractor. Our visibility expert was able to establish, through accident reconstruction, that our client was visible, either from the parking lot lights, or semi-tractor lights but definitely from both and the semi-tractor driver simply failed to maintain a proper look-out.